To be honest, I haven’t had researched much when I wrote my first story for screen(though it was a small screen).

The only thing in my mind was how a wrong number could impact a person. Is it powerful enough to divert a person’s mental stress, or his wish to end his life?

I’m not the right person to write this out. Instead, I’m the last person who should’ve wrote rebirth.

Rebirth is a story of hope. A hope that everybody has somewhere inside them. Keeping them clinging. Making the person push him or her a little more, a step closer to the brighter light at the end of the tunnel.

I’ve been criticising every person who chose to end his or her life, but as I learnt (I’m always late at stuffs), the reality struck hard.

What all a person might have been going through his or her head at that time. How scared, how hopeless he or she might be.

All I wanna say is, just cling on a little bit more. There are people who love you and would help you out, no matter what.

This is not the end.



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acrophobic pilot

acrophobic pilot

says “NICE” after writing stuffs.